Sky Challenge

The Challenge:

Take an image of the sky.

Sky View

Picture Rules:

  1. The picture can be any sky of your choosing.
    • Clear sky
    • Cloudy sky
    • Dark clouds
    • Sunset
    • Sunrise
    • Night Sky
    • Starry Sky
  2. You may not include the Orb of the sun in your image.
  3. You may include buildings, birds, aeroplanes and other things in your picture for added interest, but the image will be judged for the sky.
  4. You are not restricted where you take your image, away from your residence is acceptable.
  5. The picture must be taken by you, and you may not use someone else’s image.
  6. The image must have been taken from the start date of the challenge, not before. The idea is to get you out and take a new picture.
  7. Your picture must not be manipulated by adding parts that were not on the original image.
  8. You may edit your picture in post production for adjusting contrast, shadows, highlights etc.

Posting Rules:

  • You must post the picture to your own account.
  • You must message the group to let me know when you have posted your entry.
  • Your picture must have a title.
  • The challenge starts at 12:00pm EST Friday May 22nd 2020.
  • The challenge ends at 12:00pm EST Sunday May 31st 2020.
  • You may only enter one picture to the challenge
    • No Carousels
    • No Galleries
  • Your entry will not count for the challenge if you have posted more than one image.


  • There will be one winner.
  • The winner will be selected by vote.
  • The winning picture will be given a story by each participating account.


What do you gain, other than kudos –

  • The spirit of taking part and being included in one of the best communities on Instagram.
  • An opportunity to learn from other Photographers and develop your skill.
  • Do not do anything unsafe or dangerous when taking part in this challenge.
  • This challenge does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage, you take your pictures at your own risk.
Reflections on a Cornwall beach
Reflection in the sand
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