Mirror Image Challenge

The Challenge:

Take an image of an object/thing reflected in a mirror.

Please message me on Instagram if you wish to take part in this challenge. Please study the picture and posting rules below very carefully to make sure your image counts.

A still life Mirror Image
Still Life – Mirror Image

Please message me on Instagram if you wish to take part in this challenge. Please study the picture and posting rules below very carefully to make sure your image counts.

Picture Rules:

  • The picture must be an indoor Mirror Reflection.
  • You must use a mirror.
  • You may include more than one object reflected in your picture.
  • You may include an animal.
  • At least part of the edge of the mirror must be shown in the picture.
  • Your image must be from your camera, and the mirrored image must not have been added in post production.
  • You may not post a Selfie.
  • You may not post a picture of a person.
  • The picture must be taken by you, and you may not use someone else’s image.
  • The image must have been taken from the start date of the challenge, not before.
  • You may not enter a picture from outside of your home.
  • Your picture must not be manipulated by adding parts that were not on the original image.
  • The picture must be taken inside your dwelling and not from an office or shopping Mall etc.
Hand Cleaning Gel
Hand Cleaning Gel – Mirror

Posting Rules:

  • You must post the picture to your own account.
  • You must message me on Instagram for the challenge hashtag, also let me know if you would like to be added to an Instagram challenge group.
  • You must message me to let me know when you have posted your entry.
  • Do not send the picture to me directly.
  • Your picture must have a title.
  • The challenge starts at 12:00pm CET Wednesday 8th April 2020. (Updated)
  • The challenge ends at 7:00pm EST Monday 20th April 2020.
  • You may only enter one picture to the challenge
    • No Carousels
    • No Galleries
  • Your entry will not count for the challenge if you have posted more than one image.
A mirror image of a Moo Cow Paper Weight
Mooo Cow – Mirrored


  • Three Choices will be made.
  • Each of the three choices will be given a picture shout.
  • The winner will get a picture and a story shout.
  • My decisions are final, no appeals.
  • If you do not follow the rules your picture will not count.


What do you gain, other than kudos –

  • The spirit of taking part and being included in one of the best communities on Instagram.
  • An opportunity to learn from other Photographers and develop your skill.
  • Do not do anything unsafe or dangerous when taking part in this challenge.
  • This challenge does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage, you take your pictures at your own risk.

About the challenges:

This is our 13th challenge and we have had 100s of instagrammers participate. Although the window for taking and posting the picture is short, there is enough time for everyone get a shot in.

All participants see an increase in their engagement from real and interested instagrammers, and all new challengers receive additional followers just for getting involved.

We set-up groups to make the challenge more personal and for better engagement, and if you wish to take part in the challenge you will be added to a group. If this is not for you, you can drop out at any time.

Give it a go, you’ll be surprised how well it works, and of course if it’s not for you then you don’t have to participate in the next one!

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