Leading Lines

You want the viewer to look at your image for the longest time, to make them so interested in your picture that they dwell on it and spend longer looking at your picture than the next. One of the techniques to make this happen is to use leading lines in your images, by using lines […]

Reflection Challenge

Reflections in images have been used since photography began and is a great way to be creative and make your photographs that little bit different. There’s something special about reflections that makes your photography unique and different from the rest. Reflections change the feel of an image and give it another dimension that you can’t […]

Street Photography Challenge

Broaden your photography skills and come out of your comfort zone by taking part in the latest and best instagram challenge. These challenges push the boundaries of your photography by encouraging you to take a picture you otherwise would not have. In taking part in these challenges you not only engage with people from around […]