Leave footprints, take pictures

Our newest Challenge group The Mad Catters are hosting their own Instagram Challenge which is about taking pictures of places that are unspoiled, as places you would leave nothing but footprints.

The Challenge:

Take an image of an unspoilt location

Picture Rules:

  1. Your picture must taken outside
  2. Your image can be of anything unspoiled
  3. Your picture must be purely natural with no sign of man included, no paths, buildings, fences, etc – Just nature.
  4. The image must have been taken from the start date of the challenge, not before.
  5. Your picture must have a title.
  6. Your picture must not be manipulated by adding parts that were not on the original image.
  7. You may use editing software to change contrast, exposure, white balance etc.

Posting Rules:

  • You must post the picture to your own account.
  • You must message the group leader on Instagram for the challenge hashtag; if you are in a challenge group you do not need to message me.
  • You do not need to message me or tag me in your challenge post.
  • Do not send the picture to me directly.
  • Challenge starts, now.
  • Challenge ends at 12:00pm EST Monday November 30th 2020.
  • You may only enter one picture to the challenge
    • No Carousels
    • No Galleries
  • Your entry will not count for the challenge if you have posted more than one image.

The group leader reserves the right to decline any picture for the challenge.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x341.png
leave only footprints


  • There will be one winning picture as chosen by team vote.
  • The winning account will get a nice prize.

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